Take a look at this list of ten advantages you gain when you collaborate with other committee members to achieve a common goal! Join a committee and get involved.


Joining a committee helps you build stronger relations with other colleagues and affiliates.

Leadership Opportunities

Through active participation on a committee, you will have the opportunity to someday become a board member and learn to lead…


Committee participation leads to uncovering business insights and tools you can utilize in your professional and personal growth and development!

Brand Building

Build your brand by getting involved. It’s no longer about who you know, but rather who knows you and your brand!

A chance for people to see you in action

show people how great you are!

Community – HCLACC

Is made up of a wonderful organization
of business owners and affiliates who are both knowledgeable and helpful.


Contribute to the organization’s growth and successes

Pay it Forward

Make a difference in committee participation to
contribute positively to the industry


The how HCLACC works and the effort that goes
into making the committee successful! Also obtain skills for your own business and personal goals.

Insider Sneak Peaks!

You’ll know what’s happening before everyone else