Prominent Attorney Alex Avellan Joins as General Counsel of the Hudson County Latino Chamber of Commerce

HUDSON COUNTY, NJ. January 29, 2024 — The Hudson County Latino Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce with great enthusiasm the addition of distinguished attorney Alex Avellan as its new General Counsel. This exciting addition to the leadership team will further strengthen our capacity to serve and support the Latino business community in Hudson County.

Under the visionary leadership of its president, Heidi Castrillon, and the board of directors, the Hudson County Latino Chamber of Commerce has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the growth and success of Latino entrepreneurs in the region. The inclusion of Alex Avellan as General Counsel marks a significant step toward enhancing the legal resources and services that the Chamber can offer its members.

Alex Avellan is a highly respected and recognized attorney in the field of business law. With extensive experience in strategic legal advice and client representation in various areas, including contracts, litigation, and labor law, Avellan brings a valuable legal perspective to the Hudson County Latino Chamber of Commerce. His experience and knowledge will be crucial in helping Latino entrepreneurs overcome legal challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.

President Heidi Castrillon expressed her enthusiasm for the addition of Alex Avellan, stating: “We are pleased to welcome attorney Alex Avellan as our new General Counsel. His experience and dedication to the Latino business community will be invaluable to our members. Together, we will continue to strengthen and empower our Latino entrepreneurs to achieve success and prosper in Hudson County.”

The Hudson County Latino Chamber of Commerce continues to work tirelessly to promote economic growth and business development within the Latino community in the region. With the leadership of Heidi Castrillon and the addition of attorney Alex Avellan as General Counsel, the Chamber is well-positioned to provide robust support and legal resources to its members. We will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with attorney Alex Avellan on Saturday, February 17, at the business breakfast organized by the Chamber, which will take place at 9 Homestead Place, Jersey City, NJ 07306 at 9 AM, confirmed the Director of Education, Reverend Raul Ruiz, who also invites all entrepreneurs to join the Hudson County Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about the Hudson County Latino Chamber of Commerce and its services, we invite you to visit our website at or call 551-666-8335.